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Athlos is an x-ray imaging sensor developer and manufacturer whose human resources and established global network have created and shaped direct conversion x-ray imaging for decades. We specialize in x-ray imaging based on CdTe, Si and HgI2 combined with full custom CMOS readout, in charge integration and photon counting mode. We offer x-ray imaging sensors and flat panels based on these technologies for a plurality of applications in the dental, industrial and medical market.


In the era of global economy, technological advances and cost competiveness in manufacturing require strong national and international ties, collaborations and networking and to that effect Athlos is working in close cooperation with
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Access for process development and production in Micronova Cleanrooms, one of the leading European Nanofabrication Centres;
ADVEOS a full custom CMOS design house;
ADVACAM an expert producer of fully depleted Si detectors and provider of micro packaging and manufacturing services;
Direct conversion X-ray imaging detector material suppliers, and R&D centers, of CdTe, CdZnTe, HgI2, perovskites.


CMOS and detector design (access to a plurality of CMOS foundries and processes)
PCB and ceramic design
x-ray imaging sensor architectures for a variety of applications
advanced mechanical design, integration, prototyping and production
SDK, software integration and support
By at large, Athlos main product offerings include x-ray imaging sensors and flat panels for dental, industrial and medical applications with focus on direct conversion technology coupled with customized CMOS readout.

Our current research and unique product developments:

Our current research and unique product developments:

Ultra-Fast Scanners

Ultra Fast Scanner with ultra high definition and sensitivity based on proven single crystal, direct conversion CdTe technology. Advanced CMOS readout guarantees simplicity, functionality and cost reduction


  • Modular, easy to implement and use:
    Application Selectable Active Length: 150mm, 220mm, 300mm, 440mm, 450mm, 660mm
    Application Selectable Active Width: 3.2mm, 3.6mm, 4.0mm, 4.4mm, 5.2mm
  • 10,000fps @ 100µm resolution, 20,000fps@200µm resolution
  • MTF >40% @ 5lp/mm, DQE(0) > 90% at 90kV (2mm Al)
  • >15 bits dynamic range
  • On chip ADC
  • On chip pixel binning 200µm, 400µm
  • User selectable TDI (max 2meter/second scanning speed) or Frame Output Mode


Market application areas:

  • Industrial Inline and Automatic X-ray Inspection: food inspection, packing, electronics, weld inspection of pipes, tyre inspection, animal CT, industrial CT
  • Dental panoramic and dental cephalometric imaging
  • Medical/General Radiology

Wireless Intra Oral Sensor

Intraoral sensor based on high resolution direct conversion single crystal Si or scintillator. Truly Wireless and Compact  increases comfort and reduces need for re-exposures.


  • Wireless technology; no cable attached to the sensor
  • Mobile, portable
  • Compact, Comfortable, Robust
  • 20/25µm pixel size
  • Advanced post image processing


Market application areas

  • Dental intraoral imaging

“Red Devil” Flat Panels based on PVD HgI2

Direct conversion flat based on polycrystalline HgI2 (Mercuric Iodine). Advanced Physical Vapour Deposition on CMOS technique ensures optimal uniformity, and long term operational stability.


  • Active area: 15cm x 12xm, 16cm x 16cm 
  • Pixel size: 100µm or 200µm
  • Selectable frame rate: up to 180fps


Market application areas

  • Dental cone beam volumetric 3D/CT imaging
  • Dental Combo pan/3D imaging
  • Non Destructive Testing
  • Industrial 3D/CT

Red Devil

Mercuric-Iodide (HgI2) is a direct conversion semiconductor with high absorption efficiency for a wide variety of x-ray energies (10keV – 300keV). It is deposited in polycrystalline form cost efficiently with Physical Vapour Deposition in a variety of active areas and with thickness from 200um to over 1,000um” waiting the new draft.

Market segments

We develop and produce x-ray imaging sensors and flat panels for the following markets:
Dental panoramic and cephalometric imaging
Dental Intraoral imaging
Dental cone beam 3D imaging
Medical scanning imaging based on arrays
Industrial Inline Inspection / Automatic X-ray Inspection
Non Destructive Testing
Security and material tagging using photon counting and energy dispersion
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