Ultra-Fast Scanning Sensor (UFS)


CEO message

Athlos is an x-ray imaging sensor developer and manufacturer whose human resources and established global network have created and shaped direct conversion x-ray imaging for decades. We specialize in x-ray imaging based on CdTe and Si combined with proprietary full custom CMOS readout.

We have passion for manufacturing direct conversion sensors of the highest performance and quality and are committed to close cooperation and continuous support of our customers.

Our quality system policy is built around the premise of high performance – high field reliability and we strive to achieve customer satisfaction. We work hard to understand the needs and specifics of every customer and every application.

Our two broad product families comprise the UFS and the WIOS, the former is an x-ray ultra-fast, high sensitivity, high dynamic range, single photon sensitive scanner for inline industrial inspection, dental and medical x-ray scanning and the latter is a fully wireless, Bluetooth ® intraoral sensor. Both families are based on direct conversion.

Konstantinos Spartiotis, Ph.D.

Konstantinos Spartiotis

About Athlos

“Athlos “comes from ancient Greek for achieving something of great significance. For us it is the feat of technology and achievements over the past 25 years in the field of direct conversion x-ray imaging and the steadfast commitment to continue delivering technological breakthroughs.
Athlos has a global network of shareholders, stake holders and partners in the fields of CMOS design, clean room processes, direct conversion materials, industrial, dental and medical applications.

Key employees of Athlos are also shareholders ensuring long term commitment to the company.

We manufacture the UFS and WIOS product families inside the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland with comprehensive access to process development and production equipment in the Micronova Cleanroom, one of the leading European nanofabrication centers.

Furthermore, Athlos has its own dedicated production clean room and facility at its headquarters with a modular, novel, modern and easily scalable structure. We have the facilities, resources and knowhow based on 25 years presence in x-ray imaging direct conversion to supply any volumes the market requires.

Athlos operates under ISO13485:2016 quality management system.