Ultra-Fast Scanning Sensor (UFS)

Ultra-Fast Scanning Sensor

For digital X-RAY imaging in Dental (Panoramic, Cephalometric) and Industrial applications

The UFS Sensor is a multipurpose digital X-RAY imaging device ideal for Dental (Panoramic, Cephalometric), Medical and Industrial applications, mainly for inline inspection and automatic X-ray inspection. The variety of the features, which are integrated on the UFS provide the user with the flexibility to operate it in different modes.

Ultra-Fast Scanning Sensor (UFS)

The UFS is a unique direct conversion sensor which comprises CdTe as the detector material bump bonded to full custom ASIC and is intended to represent the state of the art in linear scanning arrays combining:

  • Superb speed at high resolution/superb sharpness (due to direct conversion with CdTe)
  • Very high dynamic range
  • Exquisite sensitivity (single photon sensitive) and contrast resolution

UFS comes in several flavors including variances in length, active width, frame mode or TDI. In all cases the output is Gigabit Ethernet. All UFS models are designed to reach a scanning speed of 60m/min @ 100um or 200um and 300m/min @ 400um. Sensitivity and contrast resolution are exquisite. Importantly UFS is a sensor intended to operate in “plug & ready to use” fashion. For example, in most applications field calibration is not necessary by the OEM or the end user (see KPIs in Applications section)

Active length (mm)Active width (mm)User selectable Frame output or TDI modeDetector
UFS1501503.2, 3.6, 4.0, 4.4 or 5.2YESCdTe-CMOS
UFS2252303.2, 3.6, 4.0, 4.4 or 5.2YESCdTe-CMOS
UFS4604603.2, 3.6, 4.0, 4.4 or 5.2YESCdTe-CMOS

All of the UFS products are offered with the ATHLOS SDK & API

Athlos API is an application programming interface to control the Athlos UFS product family of X-ray cameras. Athlos API is an integral part of the Athlos SDK that consist of header files, library files, documentation and software code for providing examples of how to use the API. The format of the calling functions is defined in C/C++ languages.

Athlos also offers (at no extra cost) a Graphic User Interface which allows user to quickly evaluate the UFS and related post processing filters in a plug and play fashion.

Ultra-Fast Scanning Sensor (UFS)

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