Ultra-Fast Scanning Sensor (UFS)

Applications and market segments

For Ultra-Fast Scanners (UFS) and Wireless Intra Oral Sensors

Direct conversion x-ray imaging comes in two flavors: a) charge integration and b) photon counting, each with its own benefits.

UFS sets a new standard in direct conversion technology combining the benefits of charge integration (low power consumption, sensitivity, compactness, simplicity, value for money) and of photon counting (single photon sensitive, speed, dual energy)

Utilizing CdTe-CMOS, UFS achieves superb resolution, sharpness, sensitivity, contrast resolution, dynamic range, speed, user selected frame or TDI output, single photon sensitivity & quantum limited performance and dual energy when utilized with appropriate x-rays source. Critically UFS is easy to integrate with DDR and flash memory on board and with an Athlos calibration residing on the sensor that allows OEMs to install without additional calibration necessary in the system assembly factory or the field.

Dental imaging

Dental panoramic & cephalometry imaging
Panoramic  and cephalometry image with 30% less dose (compared to other direct and indirect conversion sensors).

Medical imaging

Medical scanning radiography
Medical digital mammography
Medical bone densitometry

Industrial imaging

Inline fish and fish fillet inspection, inline chicken fillet inspection; dual energy at 60m/min @ 200um resolution. Separation of bones from soft tissue/meat
Industrial inspection oil & gas industry (eg welds on pipes)
Industrial tyre inspection
Industrial pcb and surface mounted assembly inspections
High Speed Reel Component Inspection & Counting (even 01005 parts)
Industrial CT (e.g. automotive)
Dual energy imaging

Key Performance Indicators and features:

  • Quantum limited down to 2nGy/frame doses and single photon sensitive (direct conversion)
  • Outstanding MTF & DQE (direct conversion)
  • User selectable modes of operation: frame output, dynamically modulated frame output (external trigger) and TDI mode (all modes implemented on the CMOS)
  • Maximum speed: 60m/min @ 100um resolution
  • CMOS binning 2×2 and 4×4; maximum speed with binning: 300m/minute @ 400um resolution
  • 16-bit dynamic range
  • 4Gb of onboard DDR memory for robustness and allowing data and images to be retrieved to  prevent data loss
  • 2Gb flash onboard memory for storing all necessary calibration files; plug and use without needing OEM or field calibration
  • Very compact design including IP65 protection of the CdTe-CMOS hybrids
  • Versatile and flexible with various external triggering options available for kinematic and energy synchronization
  • Dual energy imaging (in conjunction with appropriate x-ray system)

WIOS (Wireless Intra Oral Sensor)

As evidenced by its name this is a dedicated truly wireless intraoral sensor. It combines Bluetooth ® wireless technology with proprietary direct conversion sensor. Its unique encapsulation design combined with a novel holder series yields an intraoral sensor that is comfortable, easy and safe to use, robust and provides high quality- high dynamic range sharp images each and every time.

Parties interested in the WIOS and located in the USA should contact our affiliate company ftgimaging@ftgimaging.com ; www.ftgimaging.com. Outside the US contact directly to athlos@athlos.fi

The Wireless IntraOral Sensor WIOS